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Here you can listen to the full interviews conducted for the project. All but three were conducted by the children - and those three were conducted by digital:works staff using the questions developed by the children because on that day, the children were unable to leave their school for logistical reasons.

Bilhan Gedi

Bilhan Gedi.

Brenda Nicholls

Brenda Nicholls.

Christian Gordon

Christian Gordon.

Conrad Seniorn

Conrad Senior.

Dawn Pereira

Dawn Pereira

Jack Glaven

Jack Glaven.

Jan Osborne

Jan Osborne.

Jane Eades

Jane Eades

Lydia Smith Aouane

Lydia Smith Aouane.



Michael Ball

Michael Ball.

Noel McCoy

Noel McCoy.

Pauline Delpratt

Pauline Delpratt.

Robert Musgrave

Robert Musgrave.

Sarah Marlow

Sarah Marlow.

Sarah Rackham

Sarah Rackham.

Shabz Naqui

Shabz Naqui.

Tony Belton

Tony Belton.

Tony Hersey

Tony Hersey.